Conquer Arthritis with Food

The proven step-by-step program to reverse joint pain and exhaustion using food as medicine.

  • Do your joints feel so inflamed, it’s making you miserable, keeping you up at night, and affecting your daily life?

  • Do you suspect certain foods cause more joint pain, but you’re having a hard time figuring out what you should eat?

  • Do you often feel exhausted, run down, and like you have to drag yourself around to get things done?

  • Did you used to enjoy being active, but now it’s all you can do some days to get out of bed?

  • Do you really want to get to the root of the issue and go a different route that doesn’t rely on medication alone?

woman with arthritis

You just wish you could have less pain, more energy, and get your life back!

Sarah Arthritis Testimonial

Imagine if…

→   You weren’t slowed down by constant pain and stiffness. 

→   You knew exactly which foods flare your joint pain and could easily avoid them.

→   You woke up rested and had energy throughout the day to be active and enjoy the people you love more fully.

→   Your home was stocked with foods you enjoy and that make you feel good. 

There is hope and you don't have to figure this out alone!


Conquer Arthritis with Food


The proven step-by-step program to reverse inflammation and exhaustion in just 16 weeks.

Hear from others who have completed my programs:

“I am happier, I can play with my grandkids longer because I feel better.”

– Crystal

“My joints are not inflamed any longer and I know what foods were causing all the inflammation in my body. Now I can enjoy eating food again without being afraid.”

– Jill

“I found my energy again and… I haven’t had the pains and stiffness that had me almost bedridden for more than a month.”

– Todd

“I lost 3 inches off my stomach (that has been impossible to budge)!  Also to see my acne clear up I never thought I would see my face with clear skin! I have been battling bad acne since I was 12.” 

– Chantelle

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Hey there! I’m Heather! 


I’m a Registered Dietitian who became a joint pain nutrition expert after my own husband was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.

At one point, his arthritis made it too painful to walk without limping, ride a horse, or rough house the kids after work.


Today, my husband is not limited by his joint pain. He takes zero harsh medications and controls his joint pain using mainly food

I’ve created this program to teach you a better way to drastically reduce your joint inflammation, reclaim your energy, and get your life back on track. 

Heather Hall, RDN, LD, CLT

In the Conquer Arthritis with Food Program...


You’ll get:

  • The exact step-by-step plan I’ve been using with clients to help them greatly improve symptoms in just a few months (some clients feel better within 2-3 weeks)

  • Exactly which foods are triggering your joint pain and what to eat instead

  • Personalized lab testing, coaching and accountability so you can stay on the path to healing long term
Rhonda A.

Rhonda A.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

On a daily basis my symptoms were serious muscle and joint pain and difficult digestion…. However on my “off” days I would be in severe pain with chronic fatigue, extreme weakness and shortness of breath.  On those days I would not be able to function, I could only rest…. After many tests I was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  Unfortunately it would take over a year to get in with a specialist for treatment.  In the meantime I was desperate for relief.  I was very fortunate to have a friend introduce me to Heather….Within a few weeks after changing my diet and taking the proper supplements I noticed my pain being reduced and I had much more energy.  Best of all, no more “off” days!  I’ve learned which foods trigger my inflammation and flare ups and I’m able to stay away from those.  This has been a wonderful life change for me.  Heather is full of knowledge, compassion and encouragement.  I’m so grateful to have worked with her.  

Todd S.

Todd S.

Suspected Rheumatoid Arthritis

 “I had extreme pain [due to suspected rheumatoid arthritis]… I was taking steroids to ease the pain and went to the ER twice. I began eating foods that were better for my body – and started paying attention to what they were. I found that it wasn’t difficult to give up ones that I typically ate that were most likely causing inflammation. I found my energy again and began making better choices of what I fueled my body.” 

(Update: Several months after completing the program, Todd remains pain-free and has no symptoms of arthritis.) 

Kirstan C.

Kirstan C.

Pain, exhaustion and depression

“Before working with Heather Hall I was tired all the time and having several severe depression episodes. It was hard for me to function as a mother and wife. I had to drag myself around trying to get things done.

Heather Hall’s treatment has helped me lose weight, have lots more energy, feel better about myself, learn how to cook and have more confidence in myself.”

Sara K.

Sara K.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

“Before working with Heather… I was suffering from… Rheumatoid Arthritis. I did not start to see symptom relief until 6-8 weeks into the program. I was beginning to think this program would not work for me, but Heather encouraged me to stick with it, and I’m so glad I did!… I have had zero symptoms of arthritis since completing this program and it’s been a year and a half!… I highly recommend trying this program. It’s difficult at first, but so worth it…!”

Here's what you'll find inside the program:

    • weekly video classes and a step-by-step framework from me, Heather, so you can reverse the most common causes of inflammatory arthritis using food, supplements, and lifestyle

    • frequent coaching sessions & message support  with your health coach so you can get all the  guidance, support and accountability you need to stay on track
    • 2 personalized lab tests to clue us into your unique root causes and problem foods

    • a custom anti-inflammatory diet plan guided by your test results to help you quickly reduce inflammation in your body

    • simple family-friendly meal plans to ease the transition into your new way of eating
    • supplement recommendations and access to prescription-grade supplements at a discount 

    • a private community of like-minded arthritis sufferers who are also going through these steps to give you an added level of support, accountability and encouragement

    • resources to enrich and support your journey, such as printable workbooks, cheatsheets, meal plans, and more

    • video and audio recordings of all classes and coaching sessions to give you flexibility to work through the program on your schedule

    Are you ready to stop hurting and start healing?

    Step 1

    Enroll in the Program

    Once you make your initial payment, you’ll have access to the “Getting Started” Modules so you can get set up for success!

    Kick off Call January 28th!

    We open up the full program and officially get started with a live call to set you on your way to more energy, less pain, and getting your life back! (Recordings are always available.)

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    Money Back Guarantee

    What do you have to lose?

    • If you complete this program and your symptom scores don’t improve, we’ll refund your money!

    • We don’t expect perfection! If you join or watch 80% of the classes and coaching sessions, and complete 80% of the commitments and don’t feel we’ve helped you, we’ll give you your money back.

    Jennifer’s Story

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Heather qualified to help me?

    Heather has a Bachelor’s of Science in Dietetics from Brigham Young University. She is a Board Certified Integrative and Functional Nutrition Certified Practitioner (IFNCP) and a food sensitivity expert and Certified Leap Therapist (CLT). She has worked as a dietitian for school districts, hospitals, and private clients in her 13 years of experience. She has spent years researching joint pain and she and her team have assembled all this experience and training into this one program. She has witnessed the toll arthritis took on her own husband and family, and is passionate about helping you succeed! 

    Is this backed by research?

    Yes. All of the steps in this program are backed by a combination of published research, clinical experience, and training with some of the best and brightest experts in the functional medicine industry. 

    Will I have time for this?

    A better question might be, do you have time NOT to do this? We appreciate that you are busy with work, family, dodging Covid and much more. We aspire to provide all the knowledge and support you need in order for real healing to occur, without a lot of fluff. However, this is a comprehensive program and we make sure you get your money’s worth. By the end we want you feeling better and confident you can conquer arthritis for life. Invest a little time now to feel better forever. 

    Is this going to be too difficult?

    Again, a better question might be, is staying where you ARE going to be too difficult? If you are not to the point yet where you are willing to make some diet and life changes, this program is not for you. However, if you are tired of being sore, stiff, and exhausted and want a proven program to help you heal, then let’s rock and roll!

    Will I have lifetime access to this program?

    Yes. We are constantly striving to improve the course and we learn new things in science all the time. For those reasons you will have lifetime access to the materials of the program.

    Can I get off my medications?

    It’s important to consult your doctor before changing any medications. From our experience, yes, many people can reduce or stop taking medications.


    What is an MRT test?

    A Mediator Release Test (MRT) is a blood test that analyzes 170 common foods and chemicals to assess which ones cause an inflammatory response for you personally. The test is included in the price of the program. We will guide you in how to incorporate your unique results into the step-by-step plan for healing throughout this program. A kit will be shipped to you by mail near the start of the program with everything you need to complete this test. Note that if you do not live near one of the contracted blood draw sites, you may need to pay someone a small fee to complete the blood draw for you (usually less then $50). 

    What is an Organic Acid Test?

    The Organic Acid Test (OAT) is a urine test that screens for additional root causes of disease in your body, various nutrient deficiencies, infections, and toxins. We will use this information to personalize your plan of attack. A kit containing everything you need to complete this test at home will be shipped to you near the start of the program. 

    How long will the weekly training take?

    We know your time is precious so we want to be conscientious of your other commitments. However, we want to make sure we take the proper amount of time to teach you these life changing principles and techniques. The trainings should take apporximately one hour each week but this could vary depending on content and class interaction. 

    Should I consult with my doctor before doing this program?

    Yes, it is always a good idea to speak with a doctor before making significant changes to your health. This is especially true if you are on medication.

    Note: Nutrition thereapy for arthritis is a highly specialized area in which few practiitioners have expertise. Though well-intentioned, many providers simply don’t know whether food is truly helpful for arthritis.

    Can I email questions?

    Please do. We are dedicated to your success. Email any questions you have and one of our team members will respond in a timely manner.

    How long will it take for me to start feeling better?

    This is different for each person. For many it takes only days or weeks to start feeling better while for others it may take weeks or months. Remember we are healing from the inside out. We are addressing the root cause of your condition, not just covering up the symptoms. However long it takes, it will be worth it and you can do it!

    Should I take any supplements?

    A few well-chosen supplements can expidite your path to recovery, and we do recommend specific supplements in the program. All supplements are optional. However, you’ll get lifetime access to a huge database of prescription-grade supplements at a special client discount.

    Do I have to view the weekly training live?

    We hope you can. But we know you’re busy. Each training will be recorded for later viewing. Audio of the training will also be available. Remember it is very important that you keep up with the program and don’t get behind.  

    Can my family eat the same food I do?

    Of course. We want you to feel better for life and that only works if the food you eat is “normal”, great tasting, affordable, and easy to prepare. We are committed to help you find food that fits in your life while not causing you strife 🙂

    Why does it cost what it does?

    This is not a do-it-yourself course. This is a comprehensive, fully-supported program. We have assembled a team of experts, a step-by-step, evidence-based program, community, and tools to help you live a better life. We realize that this program is not necessarily cheap but it is a great deal! If you add up all your saved sick days, trips to specialists, and meds for one year, this program is a complete bargain. Not to mention your quality of life which is hard to put a price tag on. Again, you feel better or your money back (see Money Back Guarantee). Lastly, this price point ensures that only serious, motivated clients are in the program which contributes to the success of all involved.

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    Still Have Questions?

    Send us a message with your questions. We are happy to help you decide if this is right for you.

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